Hi everyone! Welcome to this, my very first post! I am Xenon Spain and today I want to share with all my followers the exhaustive follow-up that I am carrying out to know a little bit more about the tastes and preferences of our dearest Santa Claus during these dates.

If I had to name a place in the world in which clouds turned into sun rays and snow in the amazing Mediterranean Sea, you will understand I mean… Torremolinos, the LGTBQ capital in Southern Europe!

You will here find the most famous street of the town, Calle San Miguel, one of the most crowded streets of all Spain, and the second of all Europe.

Santa Claus, my winter lover, with whom I share the volume we take up (ha, ha, ha!), or our underwear size, but also we share the good taste when choosing the best places in town.

Diva Houston, Puppi Poison, Yogurhina Voroba y Lara Sajen

Our lover and I love to visit Edén Beach Club to enjoy the 21 degrees during the months of December and January. But else! In an amazing Balinese-style bed, since as I already told you, because of our heavy bones and mass, we would not be comfortable enough in a single bed. From our king-size bed (with reinforced legs), we can enjoy the delicatessen menu that our chef Ángel has made for us.

But if there is something that makes me crazy (apart from Cordon Bleu!), they are the delicious desserts, milkshakes and suppers that Indira Garci brings me. If someone is curious about what I am describing, I invite you to come at any time! By any chance, if you come on Sunday, you should stay and enjoy our BINGO HOUSE, an unique and internationally known bingo. Laugh and happiness are the main characters here.

When it’s night-time, my lover and Mrs Claus and I go the most beautiful and modern club with drag-queen shows. At Edén Copas, apart from having the top-shelf artists, you will find also top-shelf drinks and the best quality. Speaking of artists, at Edén Copas they knew about my lover staying here with me, so they have prepared a very special artists schedule! Check it out!

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