About me

She started on stage on 2002 to became one of the most relevant LGTBIQ characters in Spain and Europe.

She graduated in Drama at Escuela Superior de Artes Escénicas in Málaga. During her training she discovers that about her versatility, her ability to improvise and her sense of humor allow her to get on stage as a monologuist, actress, presenter or show hosted in events as Miss and Mister España contest, MADO (LGTBIQ proud), Torremolinos Pride, Open Seas Cruises, Snow Gay Weekend or Loco Bongo show.

Throughout her career she develops not only her facet as an actress, but also she carries out the work of screenwriter and producer of short plays with shows as Ahora o nunca, Cosas del amor, Fenómenos Para-normales y Hermana mayor. And theater plays as Diario de una gorda with which she has managed to captivate both the audience and national critics.

One of her shows with the greatest protection is Bingo House by Edén Torremolinos. A whole new concept already consolidated as one of the most prestigious national activities, creation hall for Loco Bongo, event that has resounding success.

With regard to music, as a singer, she has two singles: La Bestia y Vivo en el Edén, which have managed to win over the public, and that is why those songs can play in national and international halls and parties inside and outside the LGTBIQ framework.

In short, a brilliant artist who transports us to another space through humor, based on her fundamental basis: laughing at herself …

"Sorry if I call you gentlemen, but I don't know you very well."

Groucho Marx

Since 2013 is Eden Copas Hosted Artist in Torremolinos


  • 2020-2019. Boí Taüll, Lleida. Hosted artist for Snow Gay Weekend.
  • 2020-2019. Madrid. Presenter of LOCO BONGO, produced by Locamente Producciones.
  • Madrid. Hosted artist for Idealista.
  • Málaga. Charity collaboration with the Andrés Olivares Association as master of ceremonies in the concert-show Piano Paradisso.
  • Cervantes Theater, Malaga. Stellar appearance at the Antonio Banderas Performing Arts Awards Gala.
  • Malaga. Road to Broadway. Short film directed by Antonio Cano for the Escuela Superior de Artes Escénicas de Málaga.
  • Melilla. Pregonera of the VX North African Gay Pride.
  • Barcelona. Hosted artist for La Piscini, produced by Locamente Producciones.
  • 2019-2018. Torremolinos, Malaga. Official presenter of Gay Pride.
    National tour. Actress, scriptwriter and producer of the play Diario de una Gorda.
  • Torremolinos, Malaga. Single Vivo en el Eden, official anthem of Eden
  • Torremolinos and videoclip directed by Salva Musté.
  • Torremolinos, Málaga. Godmother of honor of the sports association Diversport.
  • Torremolinos, Málaga. Hosted artist for Pernod Ricard Spain.
  • Hosted artist for Open Sea Cruises.
  • Torremolinos, Málaga. Positive Support Ambassador.
  • Cervantes Theater, Malaga. Carmen, the Musical.
  • Malaga. Carmen, the legacy. Short film.
  • Participation in TV programs for channels such as Canal Sur, Telemadrid and Canal Castilla la Mancha. In radio, Canal Sur Radio, RNE, Cadena Dial and Canal Torremolinos Televisión.