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Diario de una Gorda

After the successful play “Cosas del amor”,, Xenon Spain has to deal with a new challenge. If in her previous show she was accompanied by musicians, singers and dancers, this time she is alone on the stage to show us her most unknown side. A show in which she is alone on the stage. “Diario de una gorda” is a more casual show, that uses more technical elements to mix and combine the projection of images with music and songs. Accompanied by fun stand-up lines and improvisations with the audience that turns the viewer into an actor, apart from leaving no one indifferent during the whole play. The main character tell us how hard the life of a fat woman is —and when you love to eat! The leitmotiv of this play develops a lot of sides and moments of the character, such as her birth, her childhood and her teenager years. Eventually, she comes to nowadays.

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What does a nun hungry and thirsty for love working as a missionary in Africa?

Hermana Mayor

Know about the funniest experience of Xenon Spain as the head nun of a convent. You will be able to see the daily life of the nuns and how Xenon has a second thought about being a nun. This extraordinary Mother Superior will discover the love for God and for everybody. You will not stop laughing with this intelligent humour play that is respectful with religious values.

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